About Us

Tropical Ridge neighborhood association brings together our many community partners and residents to create a clean, safe, and welcoming space that celebrates our diversity and nurtures our children and families. Home to many of Lake Worth's proud neighbors, nonprofits, schools and businesses; our vibrant and friendly community enjoys being an important part of our city.

The boundaries for our Association include the area from I-95 to Dixie Highway, and from Lucerne Avenue to 10th Avenue North. There are over 2000 families and businesses in Tropical Ridge.

Our meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm at the Lake Worth Towers - 1500 Lucerne Ave. Everyone is welcome!  Membership is open to all residents, property owners and licensed business owners within the neighborhood boundaries.  We share more than simple geography; this is the special place we are proud to call home.

Elected Directors for 2015/16
Carolyn Deli
Mark Humm
Ray Loften
Mara Martinez
Phil Materio 
Steffanie Mayo
Guadalupe Torres

Elected Officers for 2017
Ray Loften - President
Steffanie Mayo - Vice President
Carolyn Deli - Secretary 
Omari Hardy - Treasurer

Neighborhood Clean-Ups
Tropical Ridge has taken a pro-active position on messy and trash-strewn vacant lots.  Since 2008, the Association has continually cleaned up various lots and alleyways throughout our 90 square block neighborhood.  Announcements for upcoming clean ups are always posted on the associations calendar and everyone is invited to join in!

TRNA Crime Walks
Heartfelt thanks to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Lake Worth Police Division for their active participation in our  Crime Walks.  On a regular basis, one or more officers have joined with residents as we walk the neighborhood raising awareness and sharing our concerns for the safety of our families and property.  These walks are a great opportunity to meet neighbors and more importantly, this is how we will take our streets back from criminals.  Check the calendar for dates and times of upcoming walks.