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Happy Birthday Lake Worth

posted Jul 9, 2013, 2:42 PM by Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association
You could tell that this years celebration was extra special the minute you arrived for the gathering of the rafts. If you have ever been to a 4th of July celebration in Lake Worth before you would be able to feel the difference. From the buzzing of electricity in the air, to the laughter and calls of comradeship between the competing teams. This day was special.
Check out the photos of the costumes and rafts in 'photos'.
The crowd that turned out to cheer the teams on as they paraded down Lake Ave turned to follow us down to Bryant Park. They were treated to quite a show - or I should say shows
With a strong headwind going out Tropical Ridge La Goonies put their hearts , lungs, backs and muscles into the job of winning. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, but it wasn't for lack of effort. Thank you La Goonie crew.
Congratulations South Palm Park for winning not only the practice run but also 'the real thing'.
Mango Grove did a fabulous job entertaining the audience to 70's music and dancing (good memories).
Then it was on to the food and family fun.
Of course the evening wound up with a dazzling burst of color, stars and noise. For me it was the best display yet especially as it was the first display my grand children had really enjoyed and boy did they "Ooooo" , "Ahhhhh", and scream happily as they watched the clouds of magic pour down over our heads.
Happy birthday Lake Worth and many more.