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Meeting Notes - 12/28/09

posted Jan 4, 2010, 2:22 PM by Ryan Anderson

Association Elections
  • The Association held elections for the 2010 leadership -- President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  Ryan Anderson was nominated and won the position of President.  Sylvia Williams was nominated and won the position of Vice President.  Jessica Plotkin was nominated and won the position of Secretary/Treasurer.  Congratulations to all and good luck in 2010!

Yard Of The Month
  • December's TRNA Yard of the Month award has still not been determined.  This will be done by 1/6/10 due to hectic holiday schedules.  Please check back fo updates and photos on  our site at

CDBG Public Input Meeting
  • On December 21st the city held a public input meeting regarding the distribution of an estimated $250,000 county grant that Lake Worth will be receiving in 2010.  The items the TRNA brought to the attention of the City during this meeting are as follows:

  1. Dog park to help tie East & West LW together.
  2. Join sidewalks and repair broken sidewalks between Lucerne and 10th Ave due to large volume of children using them to walk to Highland Elementary.
  3. Paint lines for street side parking in westerly neighborhoods (like neighborhoods just east of Dixie have to delineate street parking).  This makes cluttered streets look organized and maintained as well as provides added safety.
  4. Speed bumps -- All streets between 2nd Avenue North and 10th Avenue North are known speeding zones.
  5. Pressure clean sidewalks. This will brighten up the streets of Lake Worth.
  6. Security cameras at Kwik Stop on Lucerne.  This needs to be done in conjunction with the PBSO to fight crime occurring on Lucerne between E and G streets due to public alcohol consumption, prostitution and drug dealing in that area.

  • The next CDBG public input meeting will be held on January 4, 2010 at 6:00pm at the Compass Center.  Please come out to voice your opinion.

Meeting with Mayor Varela
  • On December 16, 2009 the association leadership met with Mayor Varela to discuss items that the association is interested in seeing move forward in the upcoming year within the Tropical Ridge boundaries.  The topics discussed were the same ones discussed with Lake Worth's City Manager, Ms. Susan Stanton, in Octaber of 2009 and are available for review here.  Below is a short summary of the topics discussed and the Mayor's paraphrased response and/or action that has already been taken:

    • City owned property maintenance
      • Mayor Varela has asked the City's Community Developer Wayne Bergman to start devising a plan for a cut and clean program that will take care of maintaining all landscaping on empty properties throughout the city whether they be city owned or not.  I do not know if this includes derelict properties with structures on them or not and do know that this will not include alley ways.
    • Unpaved roads
      • The unpaved roads in Tropical Ridge may have to wait until a road resurfacing survey has been completed for the entire city.  It is unclear when this will be happening or enacted  upon.
    • Street sweeping schedule
      • Multiple suggestions were given for how to deal with street sweeping in our community and all were noted by Mayor Varela.  He said that he would speak with members of the Commission and Joe Kroll regarding this subject matter.
    • Large trash in streets
      • There will be a new trash schedule published shortly.  Once this has been widely distributed to the Lake Worth residents harsher actions will occur to those who do  not follow the schedule.
    • Neighborhood security (Lighting and PBSO Tools)
      • Joel Morganstern of the PBSO has already been directed to begin surveying Tropical ridge using night time patrol officers and public input to determine areas that are in need of lighting throughout our neighborhood.  This survey will be completed in January of 2010.
    • Dog park
      • It was suggested that the TRNA petition for the CDBG funds at both public input meetings as well as the CRA for funding for this project.  Subsequently Commissioner Mulvehill has assisted in finding three city owned properties in the western end of the City suitable for the park.

Upcoming Events


  • Bonfires on the Beach – Fridays, January 8th & 22nd –and- February 5th & 19th, 2010 from 7:00-9:00pm

Special Thanks
  • The TRNA thanks Joel Morganstern of the PBSO for speaking with the Association during this meeting regarding the ongoing events of the Sheriff's department in our area.