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Message from the Chamber of Commerce on Lake Worth's CRA

posted Feb 24, 2011, 10:26 AM by Ryan Anderson

Dear Chamber Members,

In the past week, the Chamber has received many requests for information concerning the function of the Lake Worth CRA.  A CRA works on eliminating blight, creating a sustainable downtown and encourages economic growth. 

The Chamber supports the work of the Lake Worth CRA, and below, we have listed recent accomplishments.  At the March 1st City Commission meeting, there will be a discussion about the dissolution of the independent CRA Board.  The Chamber encourages you, as business people in Lake Worth and the surrounding area, to come to the City Commission meeting and support retaining the CRA board in its current state.  Successful cities have a Chamber, Independent CRA Board and City Government that work cohesively toward progress. 

CRA Accomplishments

1.  Awarded $23.2M in Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds from federal government after partnering with over 20 local profit and non-profit partners

2. Completed the Transit Oriented Development Master Plan

3. Completed and are implementing the Bicycle Network Program

4. Attracted a Publix to downtown Lake Worth

5. Created the Cultural Renaissance Program – which led to the attraction of the headquarters for the Palm Beach Cultural Council

6. Development of a much needed parking area on Dixie Highway – 812 Dixie Highway

7. Redeveloped the Gateways – 6th and 10th, providing all new infrastructure to the City and pay on-going maintenance

8. Pay for maintenance of the downtown

9. Purchase and plan future redevelopment for 1000 Lake Ave. – a blighted and underutilized, historic structure

10. Through a partnership with Adopt-a-Family developed and implemented a residential rehabilitation program

11. Provided funding for existing and start up businesses over the years through façade and tenant improvement grants

12. Sponsored many local events including the Tree Festival, Street Painting Festival, Bike Night, Holiday Tree Lighting and many more.


Beth Johnston

Executive Director

Greater Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce

501 Lake Avenue

Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Phone:  561.582.4401
Fax:  561.547.8300

[email protected]