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Serial Rapist Alert!

posted Oct 6, 2011, 12:22 PM by Ryan Anderson
Please forward this on to all of your  members:
Avoid walking alone and at night.  Stay in well-lighted, populated areas; away from bushes, alley-ways and parked cars.
Don't take short cuts through vacant lots, parks or fields.  Wear comfortable fitting clothes and shoes for freedom of movement, and don't overload yourself with too many packages or other items.
If you sense that you are being followed, go to the nearest well-lighted, open business or where you see other people gathered.
Always be aware of your total surroundings and the people around you.
Always plan your outing and make sure others know where you are going and are informed of your workout routines.
Know where telephones are located if you do not have a cell phone.
Let's face it, we can't all find the time to exercise during the daylight hours, so it's important to take extra precautions when you are out in the early morning or evening hours.  An alternative to outdoors, would be to use a treadmill or an indoor track.
So of us have experienced the "runner's high,", where you become so focused that you lose track of what is going on around.  This state can put runners and walkers at a greater risk for attack.  Always walk or run with confidence and purpose.  Keep alert by memorizing license tages and identifying characteristics of strangers and your immediate surroundings.
If you have friends that also walk or jog, how about starting a jogging or walking club.
Remember, the criminal is looking for the easiest crime to commit with the least chance of getting caught.  That would be the lone walker or jogger during the evening hours in a desolate area.
Please be careful.
Joel Morganstern
Crime Prevention Specialist
P.B.S.O. District #14 - Lake Worth