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TRNA Meeting Notes | July 2009

posted Jul 7, 2009, 8:43 AM by Ryan Anderson
   Yard Of The Month
o    This month’s TRNA Yard of the Moth award goes to Ubaldo Ruiz who resides at 832 North E Street. The YOTM sign has been posted in his yard and a photograph of his beautiful property will soon be available on
·          Upcoming Crime Prevention Walks
o    Saturday July 18th at 6:00pm
o    All crime walks will begin at the First Church of the Nazarene, located at 1422 Lucerne Avenue. Please invite your neighbors!
·          Code Enforcement
o    The properties below were submitted to Lake Worth’s code enforcement at the end of May and beginning of June. Follow up phone calls have been received from the Code Enforcement office looking for more details and verifying addresses and many of the cases listed below have been closed. 
o    You are encouraged to leave code violation notifications on the city’s website, click here for the form. If you do not want to leave your name on your complaint, please feel free to use Tropical Ridge instead and the complaint will be logged under the association.
Date Submitted
Action Taken
602 North A
Exterior paint flaking off and raw wood is visible.
LW follow-up call on 5/28
630 North A
Trash and huge rotted tree in yard. Possible hurricane debris issue with rotted tree.
LW follow-up call on 5/28
218 North B
House is set in back of property. The front of the property is used as storage for lots of loose items that should be contained either in the home or a storage unit. There are items such as furniture, childrens toys and miscellaneous building supplies in this yard.
LW follow-up call on 5/28
230 North B
Paint is visibly peeling off of structure. Windows are boarded up on north side of property. Some boards are falling off of windows and it looks as if vagrants are living there.
LW follow-up call on 5/28
423 North B
Construction permit sign for years. When will work be completed?
516 North B
Wave runners on trailer in front yard.
LW follow-up call on 5/28
522 North B
Vacant and an eyesore. Falling fascia on south side of building.
609 North B
Trailer w/ truck in front of home.
Trailer removed
507 North C
Hedges block the driveway.
511 North C
Hedges block the walkway.
520 North C
Continuous mulch on driveway.
621 North C
Vacant eyesore.
222 North D
Overgrown vacant lot. Property has numerous code violations.
123 North E
Mattress in front of house.
Mattress Removed
129 North E
Mattress in front of house.
Mattress Removed
205 North E
Overgrown Lawn.
Lawn mowed
429 North E
Vacant house that is open and unsecured.
431 North E
Vacant duplex that is open and unsecured.
Lake & US-1
The taco truck is yellow and resides at the gas station on the southwest corner of Lake and US-1. This type of vendor should not be allowed to operate within the city limits and more than likely is not permitted by our city in any way.
Truck removed
·          PBSO Updates
o    Deputy Brandon (I forgot his last name) gave some crime states for 7/1-7/7:
§   3 Residential Burglaries
·          710 North A Street
·          228 North G Street
·          328 North G Street
§   1 Arson
·          330 North H Street
o    The city of Lake Worth does not have the ordinance every other city has in place to enforce the remove of abandoned vehicles from its streets. 
§   This means that the abandoned red truck with a smashed bumper and flat tires on C Street between 4th and 6th street will remain there until an ordinance is passed.
o    Please write our City Commissioners an email requesting a red tag ordinance for abandoned vehicles be passed so this heap of trash will be taken out of our neighborhood. Click here for the email address of each city commissioner.
o    The undercover burglary detail that we were told about in June is still underway in our neighborhood. PBSO is walking, biking and driving around in plain clothes looking for suspicious activity. No statistics will be available until after the detail has completed.
o    Keep your alleyways clear of brush and debris. These alleyways are a huge issue for the PBSO and the clearer they are the less crime can happen in them.
·          C.O.P. Program
o    C.O.P. is still recruiting.  For more information on the C.O.P. program, please visit
·          Special Thanks For Speaking To the TRNA
o    Deputy Brandon from PBSO