2011 Candidates' Debate

Submission Deadline: October 19th

On October 24, 2011 the Neighborhood Association Presidents’ Council (NAPC) will be hosting a forum to introduce the candidates for the candidates running for the office of Mayor, District 1 Commissioner and District 3 Commissioner. In preparation for this meeting the Council is requesting that Neighborhood Association Members assist in devising questions that will be asked of all candidates. 

The Candidate's Forum is hosted by the NAPC each election season and strives to educate residents of Lake Worth on the choices for representation in the November election. The NAPC and this forum are nonpartisan and do not favor any candidate. To ensure that the questions asked of candidates during this presentation are ones that represent the community, the Council is asking for your input. Please use the form to the right and submit questions you would like to be asked of the six candidates running for office in this regular election. 

The 2011 Regular Election Candidates' Debate will be held on October 24th at 7pm in the Lake Worth Playhouse. Thank you. 

Candidates for Mayor:
- Rachel Waterman - Incumbent
- Pam Triolo
- Dustin Zacks

Candidates for Mayor:
 - Scott Maxwell - Incumbent

Candidates for Mayor:
- Jo-Ann Golden - Incumbent
- Andy Amoroso