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Crime Review - Data

All Crime statistics are provided on a semi-regular basis by the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office's Lake Worth Division.  The data provided is from a "crime matrix" which is produced by the Lake Worth division each weekday.  The daily matrix includes seven days of historical data and is not intended to be distributed to the public as it contains some sensitive information regarding  ongoing investigations and criminal intelligence.  The TRNA has chosen the top eight categories  association members seem to be concerned with and have requested the PBSO provide this information on either a weekly or monthly basis.  Details of this data exchange are still being worked out.  The TRNA thanks Lieutenant Craig Long for all of his hard work in helping to provide this information to us.

Because the PBSO took over the LWPD in October of 2008 most historical data regarding crime statistics is not easily accessible.  The reporting period for the TRNA Crime Review started on December 1, 2008.  Each empty cell below represents data that has not been provided by PBSO.